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A Trusted Legal Ally For Child Custody Matters In Delaware

When parents divorce, the most critical decisions they have to make involve the care and well-being of their minor children. This is also true when unmarried parents separate. The personal stakes in a child custody case are so high that these matters must be handled with the utmost care and sensitivity.

At The Law Office of Shauna T. Hagan, LLC, we help parents navigate complex child custody issues. Family law attorney Shauna T. Hagan will work with you personally to help you get through this stressful time so you can look forward to a bright and stable tomorrow.

Protecting What Matters Most

The guiding principle in any child custody case is to protect the best interests of the child. In most cases, judges will favor an arrangement in which both parents play an active role in the child’s life. Determining legal and physical custody can be the subject of intense and emotionally wrenching conflict.

  • Legal custody concerns decision-making authority over important aspects of the child’s life, such as religion, health care and education
  • Physical custody concerns where the child actually lives and holds residence

Attorney Shauna Hagan is an understanding ally for parents engaged in custody disputes. She understands that a prolonged conflict only increases stress on the child, and therefore works carefully to help parents find common ground.

Third-Party Custody Cases

In some cases, it is in the child’s best interests to live with a nonparent such as a grandparent, an aunt, an uncle or another close relative. In such a situation, the party seeking custody may need to terminate the parent’s parental rights and seek a guardianship over the child. If you are a nonparent seeking custody of a minor child in Delaware, we can help you understand your rights and options as you seek to do what is best for your loved one.

We Are Here For You

Child custody issues can be difficult to deal with, but you don’t have to face them alone. We are here to provide you with strong advocacy and compassionate guidance throughout the course of your family law case. To arrange a consultation with an experienced child custody attorney in Wilmington, contact our law office online or by telephone at (302) 321-6489.