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5 scenarios in which a modification might be necessary

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2023 | Divorce |

Your divorce settlement includes orders for child support as well as a custody agreement. The court determines both according to the best interests of the children and both parents’ financial and personal situations. Sometimes, things change after the divorce is final.

Here are five times when you may need to modify your support or custody agreement.

1. Employment changes

Whether you’ve taken a new job that interferes with your current custody order or you recently lost your job and need a reduction in your child support order, any changes in employment can lead to changes in custody and support.

2. Child’s preferences

As your children get older, sometimes one parent’s home is a better fit for primary custody than the other. Whether related to work schedules, school districts or even just home environments, you may find that it’s better to modify the custody and support orders if your child wishes to move in with the other parent.

3. Parental conflict

If one parent refuses to cooperate and follow the parenting plan, you may need to petition the court to modify the custody order. Sometimes, a new court order is enough to encourage your ex to cooperate.

4. Criminal behavior

If one parent struggles with drug or alcohol addiction or abuse, you may need to have the custody agreement modified for supervised visitation.

5. Relocation

Whether you have taken another job that requires relocation or one parent is in the military and facing deployment, relocations necessitate a modification of custody and support orders.

Consider your personal situation as you decide if you may need to petition the court for modification.