Real Answers For Real People With Real Problems

In family law, there are no simple solutions.

Real Answers For Real People With Real Problems

In family law, there are no simple solutions.

Serving people in Wilmington, Delaware, since 2004.

What You Deserve To Know

If you have a family law question, then you need to have an answer. You need to have an answer you can rely on and, frankly, a web search isn’t going to get you that. There is so much false, misleading and disruptive information out there that it’s a legitimate struggle to know what you need to do.

Family law is complicated by personalities and the legal realities, and what is ahead of you is definitely not going to be simple. 

Shauna T. Hagan

Shauna’s legal knowledge is sharpened by experience.

The services she provides have helped people move forward with their family law issues with confidence and closure.

What You Deserve To Hear

If you have a child custody issue or are going through a divorce or struggling with property division, you need to hear the truth. It might be more comfortable to hear that everything will work out, but family law is not comfortable. And if you get comforting advice when things get difficult, you will not be ready to deal with the situation.

The full truth may not be what you want to hear, but it is the best way to understand your situations, figure out your goals and move forward.

What You Deserve To Get

Since 2004, attorney Shauna Hagan has worked with people across Wilmington, Delaware, and knows exactly what to expect. She provides people with honest, thorough legal assessments of their situation and leverages her experience and savvy to pursue the goals you set together.

Our firm has a commitment to our clients. The most important thing for us is getting the results you deserve. We put you first and will do whatever it takes through negotiation or litigation to secure the best possible results.

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