The area of law practice regulated by Delaware Family Law includes direction for many relationship issues. Single parents, divorced couples, partners and minor children are all subject to Family Law rules and requirements. In Delaware, many people seeking experienced legal advice, counsel or representation to resolve their family matters have found excellent answers at the Law Office of Shauna T. Hagan, LLC, in Wilmington, DE.

Law Office of Shauna T. Hagan, LLC

Families are the major concern for everyone at the Wilmington, DE, Law Office of Shauna T. Hagan, LLC. We work hard to help people statewide to resolve differences, make adjustments and continue to enjoy life despite complex issues that can arise within any relationship situation. Attorney Shauna T. Hagan is an experienced Family Law Attorney, with over 11 years of service to families across the state. She and our staff work hard for our clients, because we understand the emotional toll that family disputes can place upon all members of the family unit, especially minor children.

Attorney Shauna T. Hagan

After graduation from the Widener University School of Law, in 2004, Attorney Shauna T. Hagan was licensed to practice law in Delaware that same year. She has devoted her law career to excellence in the area of Family Law matters, and has helped hundreds of people move forward again in their lives after dealing with very complex relationship problems.

Attorney Shauna T. Hagan knows how to help people understand the impact their decisions about family matters will have upon all members of their family unit. A warm, friendly and caring professional, she enjoys getting to know her clients and their dreams, giving each one the time, attention, respect and dignity they deserve.

Delaware Family Law Attorney

As a practicing Delaware Family Law Attorney, Ms. Hagan offers clients a full range of client legal services. People seek her advice for many family matters, including:

  • Divorce/Separation – Spouses/Partners
  • Child Custody/Support – Full, Partial, Third Party
  • Modifications – Post-Divorce, Support, Alimony, Custody, Visitation, Relocation
  • Other Family issues – Visitation, Paternity, Adoption, Rights, Pre-Marital Agreements
  • Domestic Violence – Protective Orders, Enforcement
  • Mediation/Arbitration/Litigation – Options for Dispute Resolution

Family problems occur even in the best of situations and relationships. Get competent, honest legal support to find answers and solutions right away. Many issues are resolved without breaking up a family unit, but when issues are complex, it is best to get experienced legal assistance before making decisions.

Contact the Law Office of Shauna T. Hagan, LLC, in Wilmington, DE, to discuss your Family Law concerns in confidence. Call us now, at (302) 298-0030.