Divorce, Separation, Child Custody, Support, Alimony and other important legal actions are initiated each day by millions of people across the nation. In Delaware, people visit the Law Office of Shauna T. Hagan, LLC, in Wilmington, DE, for legal advice and representation for many types of Family Law matters. For all people in relationships, Family Law regulations offer direction and order to their lives. When things get difficult and relationships begin to fail to serve everyone’s best interests, it is time for intervention through experienced legal counsel.

Law Office of Shauna T. Hagan, LLC

The Law Office of Shauna T. Hagan, LLC, serves people statewide who want help managing their family relationships. For over 11 years, Attorney Shauna T. Hagan has been a trusted advisor and advocate for hundreds of clients in need of help managing family issues that range from pre-marital agreements to post-divorce modifications.

Many families are caught in the midst of complex and emotional issues that cause heartfelt suffering to all members until their problems are resolved. All staff at the Law Office of Shauna T. Hagan, LLC, work diligently to help stressed out families find answers for their unique family issues. For some, Divorce is the right answer, but in other cases, Mediation is the key to resolution and keeping a family unit intact. What works for each family is unique; we always treat each client personally, giving them the special time and attention they deserve.

Attorney Shauna T. Hagan

In 2004, Attorney Shauna T. Hagan embarked upon a law career that focused on the practice of Family Law. She had graduated with a Juris Doctorate Law degree from the Widener University School of Law that year and happily began helping people resolve important family issues like Child Support, Alimony and Visitation Rights. A kind and caring legal professional, Ms. Hagan enjoys helping people with their legal issues, so they can move past the emotional turmoil and stress of family problems.

Delaware Family Law Attorney

Many people believe that Divorce is the main reason that people seek legal advice and representation from a Delaware Family Law Attorney. In reality, state Family Law touches all aspects of family life, from birth to death and beyond.

Some typical problems areas people need legal assistance with include:

  • Financial – Support/Alimony, Property Division, Hidden Asset Detection, Modifications of Agreements
  • Divorce/Separation – Married Spouses, Partners
  • Child Issues – Custody/Support, Adoption, Guardianship, Visitation, Relocation
  • Rights – Parent/Grandparent Rights
  • Estate Matters – Financial, Succession, Challenges

If you have any questions about Family Law, get answers today. Contact the Law Office of Shauna T. Hagan, LLC, in Wilmington, DE, to discuss those concerns in confidence.

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